Who is driving

The eylsio management team is working in a similiar environment since almost ten years. This is a long time in IT business. Though for us it promises the most stable, high quality, joyfull and valuable development of our enterprise.


We know how to steer our yacht through tough weather. And no one goes under deck. By knowing all the strengths and weaknesses of each other, we are best fitted for the problems of our customers.

CEO of elysio is Andreas Bauer. After dropping out of studies of psychology, law, history and politics, Andreas funded systembureau GmbH, an internet start up supposed to create a content management system. The company was a venture between private partners, Sal. Oppenheim & Cie and Andersen Consulting, now known as Accenture.


After large fractions of systembureau have been taken over by DePfa Bank, Andreas led the subsidiary Mareon AG as Member of the Board and as division manager for software development.


Andreas funded elysio AG with his team as MBO in 2007.